IBM test automation solutions provide agile project teams with continuous feedback to fully integrate testing into their software development lifecycle. These solutions help developers test earlier with greater coverage, removing traditional testing bottlenecks such as unavailable test environments.

These solutions include user interface and integration test automation, performance testing and service virtualization to meet DevOps testing challenges.

  • Service Virtualization Dummies


    Read Service Virtualization for Dummies for tips on how service virtualization can improve your software quality efforts.

  • Analyst report

    Analyst report

    Read the Forrester Wave: Modern Application Functional Test Automation Tools, Q2 2015.

Featured continuous testing offers

"Shift left" for higher quality at greater speed

See how "shift left" practices can be used to test earlier and continuously to reduce long back-end test cycles.

Continuous testing for faster delivery

Learn how continuous testing can help accelerate software delivery.

The future of testing

Uncover the common obstacles that testers encounter and where they spend their time.

Test early, test often in DevOps lifecycle

See why continuous testing is an effective quality management method for agile development.

IBM continuous testing products provide a critical link between development and IT operations to accelerate the delivery of higher quality software.

Featured continuous testing products


  • Testing SAP Solutions For Dummies.Testing SAP Solutions For Dummies Learn how to deliver high-quality SAP Solutions with speed. Download

Additional eBooks

Service Virtualization for Dummies
Discover service virtualization and how it fits into the big picture of software quality. In this book, Service Virtualization For Dummies, IBM Limited Edition written by industry analysts Marcia Kaufman and Judith Hurwitz, learn how to deliver higher quality software by increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your testing processes while reducing testing downtime and testing cost.

DevOps For Dummies
Today’s fast-moving world makes DevOps essential for any business aspiring to be agile and lean, in order to respond rapidly to changing customer and marketplace demands. DevOps helps you achieve continuous delivery of software-driven innovation and this book helps you understand DevOps and how your organization can gain real business benefits from it.


  • Shift Left to better business results: Speed delivery of higher quality software

    Shift Left to better business results: Speed delivery of higher quality software

    Join Glyn Rhodes, IBM Product Manager for Integration Testing and Service Virtualization solutions, as he demystifies what a shift left approach to testing is all about.

Additional Webcasts

Integration Testing and Service Virtualization in a WebSphere Environment

Learn how Rational Test Workbench's integration to the WebSphere family allows teams to test earlier, reduce cycle times, and accelerate delivery.

Using Discovery to accelerate testing and virtualization

Join Nick Portalski, IBM Development Manager for Integration Testing and Service Virtualization solutions as he explains the rationale for using various discovery techniques and explains how their use can accelerate project initiation making it possible to reduce testing cycles and mitigate risk.

Continuous Testing with Urban Code Deploy and Rational Test Workbench / Rational Test Virtualization Server
Join Stephen Rowles, Architect for IBM Rational Integration Tester, as he explains how to enable Continuous Testing by combining Urban Code Deploy, Rational Integration Tester, and Rational Test Virtualization Server.

Test Transformation: A key ingredient for Agile Software Delivery
Watch this webcast to hear Janet Gregory, coauthor of Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams, share how Testers can get involved earlier and help build quality into the software being developed.

WhitePapers & eBooks

  • Test early, test often. Continuous testing as part of the DevOps lifecycle

    Test early, test often. Continuous testing as part of the DevOps lifecycle

    Continuous testing is an effective quality management method that can help testing teams keep up with agile development. This paper explains the methods and approaches that can enable continuous testing as part of the DevOps lifecycle.

Additional Whitepapers

Continuous Testing: Principles, Practices, Prerequisites
Deferring testing is a major flashpoint because it is likely to lengthen and seriously delay delivering a finished application on time and within budget. Read this paper and learn how shifting testing to the left and testing continuously can accelerate delivery of higher quality software to the market.

Service virtualization is a Game Changer for Mobile App Development and Testing
Read this paper to learn how testing continuously and service virtualization can accelerate delivery of higher quality mobile apps with reduced risk.

Where do Testers spend their time?
Explore where today’s testers are spending their time, what obstacles they most often encounter, and where they think their attention should be focused

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Achieving continuous testing

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Continuous testing offers

  • Mobile app development and testing

    Mobile app development and testing

    See how service virtualization can support mobile app development and testing.