What is Prescriptive Analytics?

Prescriptive analytics helps organizations make better decisions by optimizing trade-offs between business goals, such as costs or customer service, while considering predictions, rules, and constraints on available resources, to recommend the best course of action, whether you want to decide on a configuration, a design, a plan, or a schedule.

What benefits does Prescriptive Analytics provide?

IBM’s Prescriptive Analytics solutions provide organizations in commerce, manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, telco, government and other highly data-intensive industries with the ability to find optimal, actionable choices, such as plans and schedules, at the click of a button.

With this insight, IBM customers have been able to:

Why IBM?

Prescriptive analytics technology combines best-in-class models, configuration and deployment options, rules/constraints, prediction, optimization techniques, scenario analysis, and a collaborative Line-of-Business environment for planning and “what-if” analysis to form a powerful foundation for decision management.

IBM prescriptive analytics solutions combine predictive models, deployment options, localized rules, scoring and optimization techniques to form a powerful foundation for decision management.


Featured prescriptive analytics products

  • CPLEX Optimization Studio

    CPLEX Optimization Studio

    Model business problems using mathematical and constraint programming. Solve with the leading IBM CPLEX Optimizers. Prescribe precise and logical decisions, plans, and schedules.

  • Decision Optimization Center

    Decision Optimization Center

    Build, deploy & use optimization-based decision-making application for the enterprise. Includes data analysis & visualization, scenario management, collaborative planning, and what-if analysis.

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Decision Optimization on Cloud

Decision Optimization on Cloud

More than 1,000 commercial customers use IBM Optimization in some of their most important planning and scheduling applications.

Continental Tires

“ Ultimately, the IBM solution is helping us to gain the most from our resources, and make smarter decisions about investments in our manufacturing network – driving higher revenues and profits. ”

Niklas Steding, IT Project Lead, Continental Tires

West Point Military Academy

“ IBM Analytics gives our cadets excellent preparation for exciting careers in operations research. ”

William R. Pulleyblank, Professor of Operations Research, West Point

Dijon University Hospital Centre (CHU Dijon)

“ The solution helps allocate the most appropriate stretcher bearers for each request, reducing the economic impact of unused surgery blocks or caregivers over time. ”

Jean-Yves Gerbet, CHU Dijon