Cities everywhere are reinventing themselves. They are re-imagining essential systems, infrastructure and service delivery to promote sustainable economic growth and enhanced quality of life.

Cities management solutions from IBM can improve integration across functions and help municipalities collaborate in new ways. This enables them to turn challenges into opportunities while building the strong, differentiating identities that attract new citizens and businesses.

By supporting citizen-centered services, IBM city management solutions enable cities to reach their fullest potential to:

Featured cities management solutions

IBM cities management solutions offer tools to meet a range of city management needs:

  • Health and social programs

    Health and social programs

    Provide services that enable individuals’ health and productivity, while improving outcomes and reducing costs.

  • Infrastructure services

    Infrastructure services

    Improve the efficient delivery of fundamental city services to make a city more desirable to its citizens.

Featured cities management offers

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IBM cities management solutions help municipalities achieve their objectives in three operational areas: planning and management, infrastructure and human services. These city management solutions enable cities to improve collaboration across functions for greater efficiency and innovation, leading to more sustainable growth and a better quality of life for citizens.

Featured cities management products

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