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IBM API Connect is a modern, industry-leading API management solution for creating, running, managing and securing APIs for external and internal consumers to accelerate an organization’s API Program and capture new revenue through compelling new customer experiences.

Benefits of API Connect

  • Automated creation of new APIs in minutes.
  • Securely exposing enterprise services via APIs to new mobile, IoT, and web applications.
  • Attract developers through API socialization with enterprise governance built-in.
  • Gain insights into which APIs are having the largest impact on an organization's API Program.
  • Capture new revenue sources through monetization of an organization’s API Program.

“We’re building out a platform, a Cloud platform if you will, that’s driven by APIs. APIs are everything going forward.”

Rich Jackson, Technical Expert in Infrastructure and Platform Services,

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End-to-end API management platform

Designed for organizations looking to streamline and accelerate their journey into the API economy, API Connect is a comprehensive management solution that addresses all four aspects of the API lifecycle: create, run, manage and secure. This makes API Connect far more cost-effective than limited point solutions that focus on just a few lifecycle phases and can end up collectively costing more as organizations piece components together.

Leverage assets in the mainframe

The new IBM® z14™ (z14) is designed as a strategic asset to power the API economy. Using IBM API Connect, the industry leading API Management solution, leveraging APIs created through z/OS Connect to tap into innovation from internal and external developer communities.

Features of API Connect include:

Create and Run APIs

  • Automated model-driven API creation and discovery from Systems of Records.
  • Runtime management of Node.js, Swift and Java microservices through Docker.

Secure and Manage APIs

  • Security, traffic management and mediation policies to securely expose APIs to enterprise System of Records.
  • Manage APIs, versions, lifecycle, subscription plans and subscribers.

Socialize, Analyze and Monetize APIs

  • Socialize APIs from multiple departments into a single, self-service developer portal, with governance and control.
  • Built in API analytics, with customizable dashboards and easy offloading to third party tools.
  • Monetization capabilities to track revenue through API channels.

Flexible Deployment and Licensing

  • Modern, cloud-native, design based on a microservices and Docker for hyper scale and high performance.
  • Utilize as a SaaS service or a customer managed deployment on cloud of choice, on-or-off-premises.
  • Hybrid cloud licensing for on-and-off-premises deployments with a single license.
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Editions and pricing

  Essentials Professional Enterprise
Pricing 0.00 USD
Starting at $2,500 USD per Month
Starting at $10,000 USD per Month
API Calls per Month 50,000 5 Million1 25 Million1
Support Community Forums IBM Support 24 x 7 IBM Support 24 x 7
High Availability N/A Yes, single datacenter Advanced, multi-datacenter
Analytics Yes Yes Advanced
API Gateway Policies Yes Yes Advanced
Secure Remote Conectivity2

1 destination

1 destination

1 destination

Number of API Application Developers Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of APIs & Products Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Cloud infrastructure on IBM Cloud3 Included Included Included
Data transfer on IBM Cloud3 Included Included Included
Deployment Option Client or IBM managed Client or IBM managed Client or IBM managed
API Connect Create for Node.js (Java4) Included Included Included
Connectors for Pre-production Basic5 and Advanced6 Advanced6 Advanced6
Connectors for Production Basic5 Advanced6 Advanced6
Unified Hybrid License N/A Available Available
Additional API Calls per Month N/A Per 100K API calls/month Per 100K API calls/month

1. API Connect Professional also available starting from 100K API calls / Month; API Connect Enterprise also available starting from 100K API calls / Month and 1 Billion API calls / Month

2. Applicable to Bluemix Pubic only. Additional destinations can be added by subscription to Bluemix Secure Gateway service Professional or Enterprise plans. A Destination is a remote endpoint, identified by host name/IP address and port number, hosted on-premises or 3rd party cloud (Amazon, Microsoft, Google, etc), for secure access from Bluemix.

3. Get a % of API call volume of Professional and Enterprise on Bluemix with no additional charge for cloud infrastructure and data transfer cost. Contact us for more details.

4. For Java, each subscription includes a maximum of 200 PVUs of WebSphere Liberty Core within Professional or Enterprise. For Essentials, use Liberty trial

5. Basic Connectors: REST, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Couchbase, IBM Cloudant, Neo4j, Apache Kafka, z/OS Connect, Whisk, Memory, Mail

6. Advanced Connectors: Basic Connectors + IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, SAP HANA, SOAP


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