IBM Ph.D. Fellowship Program

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The IBM Ph.D. Fellowship Awards Program is an intensely competitive program which honors exceptional Ph.D. students in many academic disciplines and areas of study.

IBM Ph.D. Fellowships are intended for students interested in a career in IBM's Research or Development Laboratories, or Services arena.

All nominations must be submitted by a Faculty Member. To submit an IBM Ph.D. Fellowship Nomination, you must have an IBM ID. To register for an IBM ID follow the link below. Then, please complete the following Certification Statement to initiate your nomination.

Eligibility policy regarding receiving multiple awards: While you may accept supplemental fellowships, you may not accept a major award in addition to the IBM Ph.D. Fellowship. Please contact to answer your questions.

Please take note of your IBM ID and password as they will be needed to view the status of your nomination. Please keep a copy of your nomination.

If you have not registered for an IBM ID before, please register.

Certification statement

I hereby certify my consent that information I have provided relating to this IBM Ph.D. Fellowship nomination can be processed and transmitted by IBM for the above purpose and that I am authorized to do the same with regard to the information of other persons, e.g. the nominee. I also confirm that the other persons have been informed about the data and data use