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Our roots

The IBM Ottawa Software Lab

 Our lab's people and technologies have a worldwide reputation for excellence and a long and distinguished history in the Ottawa high-tech community.

The IBM Ottawa Software Lab is founded. Object Technology International and Tarian Software transition to IBM. Rational Software Corporation is acquired by IBM.
Tarian Software is acquired by IBM.
IBM donates the Eclipse Platform to the open source community. VisualAge® Micro Edition wins Java™ Pro Reader's Choice Award for "Best Embedded Development Tool".
ObjecTime is acquired by Rational Software.
Tarian Software is founded.
ObjecTime launches RoseRT, a next generation UML tool. OTI ships embedded Java runtime.
VisualAge for Java launched.
Object Technology International is acquired by IBM.
IBM and ObjecTime develop complementary submission to UML standard. Rational and ObjecTime get acquainted during the UML standardization process.
Realtime Object Oriented Modeling (ROOM) is published. ObjecTime develops the MicroRTS compiled runtime.
VisualAge for Smalltalk and IBM Smalltalk launched. Tectronix develops osciliscope line using OTI's embedded Smalltalk technology.
ObjecTime founded as a spinoff from Bell Northern Research (BNR).
Early OTI embedded and multiprocessor Smalltalk work.
Telos project restructured as an internal product team within BNR.
True Arc (Provenance) founded. First major release of OTI's Smalltalk development environment.
Object Technology International founded.
Telos research project started at Bell Northern Research.
Object Oriented Research Group started at Carleton University
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Object Technology International (OTI): 1988-2002

A world leader in object-oriented technology founded in 1988, OTI is the company behind big-name products like VisualAge for Java, VisualAge Smalltalk, VisualAge Micro Edition, WebSphere® Studio Device Developer, WebSphere Micro Environment, WebSphere Custom Environment, WebSphere Studio Workbench, and Eclipse.

OTI is known for its lead role in the design and development of IBM's IDEs for Java, Smalltalk and embedded systems. More recently, OTI led in developing Eclipse, the open source, next-generation application development tools platform, and WebSphere Studio Workbench, the IBM supported version of Eclipse technology. 

OTI was aquired by IBM in 1996, and operated as a wholly owned subsidiary for seven years. In 2003, OTI transitioned to become a full part of IBM with the formation of the new IBM Ottawa Software Lab.

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ObjecTime: 1992-2000

Since 1992, ObjecTime built software development tools to support real-time system development, such as:

  • ObjecTime Developer, a powerful graphical modeling environment for the object-oriented design and simulation of real-time systems.
  • Connexis™, which supported the construction and debugging of distributed applications by extending the asynchronous messaging model to work between separate generated executables.
  • TestScope, a suite of tools, including a test harness, to allow formal testing of real-time systems developed with the other products in ObjecTime's line.

Rational Software Corporation acquired ObjecTime in 2000. ObjecTime's single-site team of approximately 140 joined Rational's international organization of over 3000.

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Rational Software Corporation: 2000-2003

As a result of the ObjecTime acquisition, Rational established a new facility on Palladium Drive as the head office for its Canadian operations. The ObjecTime product line was merged into Rational Rose® RealTime, which supports the creation of today's large-scale industrial applications.

By mid-2000, development of the new Rational® XDE was underway. The Ottawa site contributed several product components, as well as the critical underlying layer that enabled platform-independent support for multiple major tool platforms.

Rational was acquired by IBM in 2003, and its local staff were welcomed into the IBM Ottawa Software Lab. Today, this team is leading IBM's investment in next generation model-driven development products.

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Tarian Software: 1999-2002

Tarian was started in 1999 to pursue a new approach in the records management market. Stand-alone records management applications were perceived as a competitive threat by resellers. Tarian's founders focused on developing a web-based engine with no redundant technology called Records Manager.

IBM Records Manager is an extremely configurable and scalable engine for records retention and file plan modeling.  It is intended to be embedded in other products. Its web-based architecture makes it easy to deploy in large organizations. 

In 2002 Tarian was acquired by IBM, and its staff joined the IBM Ottawa Software Lab to continue development on this important product.

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