Harnessing near real-time data to give healthcare providers a holistic picture of patient health

Published on 1 Sep 2016

The power of near real-time analytics and cognitive computing will help drive more personalized, proactive and effective healthcare.

Sharath Cholleti, Chief Data Scientist & Technology Officer, CléMetric



Deployment country
United States


CléMetric Q2Care software harnesses, manages, and stores patient data produced by medical systems across a provider's enterprise network. Q2Care uses health data to help providers improve health economics, quality of care, and patient safety. The CléMetric solution brings stream computing and smart data management for big data together with cognitive computing and advanced analytics on a single platform that integrates physiologic data and electronic health record (EHR) to equip providers with valuable insights.

Business need
Healthcare organizations collect vast amounts of data from patient monitoring devices, but with limited time and resources for analysis, many struggle to turn the information into actionable insight.

CléMetric aggregates and analyzes streams of medical data from multiple sources, providing caregivers with near real-time insight into patients’ overall health.

By spotting trends and risk indicators that might otherwise have gone unnoticed, clinicians can intervene faster and collaborate more effectively.


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