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Combining modern web development with the security, reliability and performance of the IBM mainframe

Published on 9 Nov 2015

Companies hoping to harness the compact power of Node.js can now profit from the speed, security and reliability of the mainframe.

Andrew McIntyre, z Systems consultant, IBM

IBM Systems

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IBM Systems creates solutions and middleware to serve the constantly changing needs of commercial and government organizations on every continent.

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To keep pace with consumer demand for the latest mobile technology, companies want to develop secure cutting-edge applications at high speed—and without major investments in extra infrastructure.

Previously, enterprises had no way to harness the cutting-edge power of Node.js technology alongside systems of record on their mainframes. Thanks to IBM Systems, these firms can now use Node.js to develop or run cutting-edge web and mobile applications while profiting from the outstanding speed and rock-solid reliability of IBM mainframes.

Delivers excellent performance, especially for apps that hook back into enterprise systems. Enables co-location of Node.js server apps with data on z/OS, cutting access latency. Leverages trusted landscape to maximize security and uptime for critical Node.js apps.


IBM products and services that were used in this case study.

DB2 for z/OS, IBM SDK for Node.js

z Systems, z Systems : z Systems running Linux, z Systems : z Systems running z/OS, IFL, z Systems: Integrated Facility for Linux (IFL)

DB2 for z/OS, System z Software, Application Infrastructure, High Availability, Information Management Foundation, Virtualization, Virtualization - Network, Virtualization - Server

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