United Way of Allegheny County prepares to engage millennials

Published on 29 May 2015

The IBM products used provide an unprecedented level of intelligence for donor activities. “Meeting the needs of the millennial group is the real cornerstone of our social project, as they are our donor base of the future. We’d risk losing them if we weren’t making a special effort to be in touch.”

George Pashel, senior vice president, United Way of Allegheny County

United Way of Allegheny County


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IBM Premier Business Partner Summa Technologies, Inc.


As one of the 25 largest United Way organizations in the United States, United Way of Allegheny County (UWAC), which is a nonprofit entity, finds it critical to stay attuned to its community and to donors’ needs and desires. When a significant shift in contributor and donation patterns occurred, George Pashel, senior vice president at UWAC, set out to define a strategy to help UWAC adapt to the changing philanthropic environment.

Business need
Changing donor profiles and declining contributions prompted Bob Nelkin, president at UWAC to seek a solution that would personalize the way it engaged millennial donors.

UWAC teamed with IBM Premier Business Partner Summa Technologies, Inc. to design a cloud-based recommendation engine and online donation site powered by the IBM Bluemix and IBM WebSphere Cast Iron® Cloud integration solutions and the Salesforce.com platform.

With a 360-degree view of donors and an estimated 50 percent cut in development time, UWAC can create relevant communications and opportunities quickly to improve donor engagements.


IBM products and services that were used in this case study.

IBM Bluemix, WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration

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