SEA - Aeroporti di Milano

Intelligent loyalty program improves passenger service and airport experience

Published on 23 Aug 2010

Prior to SEA’s launch of the SEAMI loyalty program, passengers entering the airport were anonymous. Now, each member of the program is recognized upon entering the airport, and treated as a preferred guest, complete with recognition awards.

Fabio Degli Esposi, CIO of SEA Milan Airports

SEA - Aeroporti di Milano

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SEA is the Italian airport management company that manages Milan Linate and Malpensa and their services. SEA’s tasks are focused on airport centralized services such as landing coordination, informatics system and enquiries based on information given by airlines, security and commercial services supplied through third party concessions. SEA has the task of projecting, building and managing the infrastructure of the Linate & Malpensa buildings and does the same for other airports too.

Business need
SEA, the company that manages the Milan Airport, wanted to improve passengers’ experience in the airport. By improving services such as faster check-in and seat assignment, passengers would have more time to spend in the shopping area.

SEA worked with IBM to implement SEAMI, a customer experience and airport loyalty program. It provides a personalized passenger experience throughout the Milan Airport. The program is administered via a membership card, read by RFID readers in the airport. The system automatically loads customer purchase data, allowing customer segmentation, customer spending analysis and traffic management analysis.

· Enables SEA to target passengers/members with specific marketing promotions and opportunities based on the data analysis provided by the system · Can be used to manage retailers and rents based on traffic information gathered from readers throughout the airport · Provides personalized service and benefits to passengers/members, immediately and transparently, thanks to the RFID technology behind the solution


IBM products and services that were used in this case study.

DB2 High Performance Unload, WebSphere Application Server

Power 520 Express, Power Systems running i, SurePOS 300 Express

IBM Global Business Services, IBM Global Services

T&T: Customer Insight and Self Service Enablement, C-Suite Framework, Customer Relationship Management, Express, Geographically Distributed Development, Smart Work, Smarter Planet, Virtualization, Web Services

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