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Published on 21 Nov 2016

Our partnership with IBM and the IBM Watson Data Platform, which powers our Media Mantra Platform, has aided in our our efforts to bring smart data to life for our customers.

Mukesh Seghal, CEO at RSG Media

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RSG Media is a global leader in delivering software and services that help the world’s largest and most successful media companies – cable and broadcast, entertainment, sports gaming and publishing firms – maximize revenue across their content, advertising and marketing inventories.

Business need
RSG Media needed a set of solutions to power its platform, Media Mantra A2SI, so it could process data on the fly all across the world for it's customers leveraging the Media Mantra A2SI analytics-as-a-service platform.

RSG Media’s Media Mantra A2SI analytics platform gives media companies greater power to optimize programming schedules and deliver hyper-targeted audiences for advertising and marketing campaigns.

Media and entertainment companies are partnering with RSG Media to increase revenues through more effective ways of targeting users with the programming they want to be watching. This results in greater viewership, increased revenues, and more marketing dollars producing better results.


IBM products and services that were used in this case study.

Cloudant Dedicated Cluster, IBM Bluemix, IBM dashDB, Watson Analytics

IBM Analytics for Apache Spark (Managed Cloud Spark Service)

BA - Business Analytics, Business Analytics, BA - Predictive and Business Analytics - Capacity Management, IBM Analytics, Smarter Analytics, Watson Analytics, Cloud Computing, Data Warehouse, Information Management Foundation

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