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Boosting ad revenue over 30 percent with analytics powered by IBM Netezza data warehouse appliance

Published on 30 Jun 2012

The whole goal is to predict behavior, and to see if there’s a good chance the user will click on the ad.

Brad Terrell, Vice President and General Manager, Netezza and Big Data Platforms, IBM

Online content provider

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A large online content provider developed a new advertising-based revenue model that fits with its philosophy of understanding its customers’ needs intimately and catering to those needs with finely targeted content. In accordance with its new model, the company needs to send targeted ads and content to thousands of customer segments, but standard web analytics platforms struggle to handle the required multi-terabyte data analysis.

Business need
To move from a subscription-based to an advertising-based revenue model, the company needed industrial strength analytical capabilities to produce targeted advertising for numerous market segments.

Deploying an IBM Netezza® data warehouse appliance, the company has implemented advanced reporting and analytic systems for behavioral targeting, lookalike modeling and content targeting.

The company has experienced more than 30 percent growth in ad revenue; more than tenfold ad response increase; rapid processing of very large data sets; low cost and ease of management.


IBM products and services that were used in this case study.

IBM Netezza 1000, IBM Netezza Performance Server

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