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Published on 30 Jun 2016

Watson Analytics is a force multiplier, a tool that gives each of us the ability to work many times more effectively and productively.

Oliver Oetterer, Chief Operating Officer, Tactical Institute

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Tactical Institute provides real-time, advanced detection and notification of threats issued via open source social media sites, so that clients can take pre-emptive action before the threat is executed. Where other firms sell software products requiring resources and aptitude on the part of the customer, Tactical Institute provides a service in which its analysts – many of whom are combat-wounded veterans – identify threats to clients using proprietary e-tradecraft developed over 25 years in some of the most challenging governmental and private services imaginable.

Business need
To help keep its clients safe, Tactical Institute must be able to monitor billions of social media messages and read the subtle nuances that differentiate a harmless tweet from a dangerous threat.

IBM® Watson Analytics™ for Social Media helps Tactical Institute analyze social sentiment and evaluate whether a person has the criminal intent, means and opportunity to carry out a particular threat.

The solution acts as a force multiplier, detecting threats that might have been overlooked, minimizing false positives, and helping Tactical Institute identify criminal violence before it occurs.


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Watson Analytics

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