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Enabling collaboration in the cloud to help farmers obtain fairer prices for their produce

Published on 14 Jul 2016

In rural areas, the TruTrade model is changing the lives of farmers in a big way.

James Weru, Founder, Fair Trade Enterprises

TruTrade Africa

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Founded in 2012, TruTrade is a social enterprise that aims to unlock the vast potential of Africa’s rural producers by giving smallholders a fairer share of the value of their produce. Offering a secure way for traders, aggregators and small famers to collaborate and transact, TruTrade franchisees link small-scale producers to buyers with controls that enforce quality, enhance transparency and enable farmers to share in value addition.

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TruTrade Africa aims to help small farmers in Africa gain a fairer share of the value of their produce. How could it unite rural entrepreneurs to implement a revolutionary new business model?

TruTrade uses IBM Social Business solutions on SoftLayer® to offer a central collaboration platform for small players in the value chain to determine fair prices in a complex agricultural value chain.

Today, TruTrade helps farmers see the prices that buyers are paying, the logistics costs to deliver to buyers, and the optimal margins for their products—enabling them to obtain a fairer deal.


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