A large U.S. healthcare system

Improving healthcare outcomes with big data analytics

Published on 1 Nov 2013

The health system knew that combining subject matter expertise with rapid data analysis could truly transform the practice of medicine.

—Dr. Richard H. Goldstein, Chief Executive Officer, RGI Informatics

A large U.S. healthcare system


Deployment country
United States


As one major health system began to expand use of RGI’s Healthcare Analytics Solution across the United States, RGI found that the conventional servers and storage technology they previously used were too slow to process the growing amount of data. Using IBM® PureData™ System, powered by Netezza® technology, RGI gained the power and performance to sustain the iterative environment demanded by clinical users. This is helping doctors, nurses and other clinicians at the healthcare system rapidly analyze and identify patterns across millions of rows of data from disparate systems.

Business need
A large U.S. health system needed to harness healthcare’s “big data” and analyze a complex set of data, including electronic medical records and sensor data.

By combining RGI™ Healthcare Analytics Solution® with the IBM® PureData™ System for Analytics, powered by Netezza® technology, the organization has taken the first step in unlocking the potential of big data.

Reduces data load times by an average factor of 8 - 12 times and improves response times for complex queries by 70 - 350 times; enables clinicians to access and analyze healthcare big data to ascertain quality, determine best practice, assess treatment strategies and identify patients at risk.


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