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IBM Web Lecture Services (WLS) is an innovative service provided by IBM AMS Learning Development. WLS enables the creation and delivery of communications, information and training in a clear consistent and measured way to large numbers of people no matter where they may be.

Web lectures are created from a presentation and recorded audio making an extremely effective Web lecture that anyone in the organisation can access, view and hear via their web browser. No special software or hardware is required and the resulting web lecture is constantly available enabling the audience to consume it when and where they want. For the mobile work force web lectures can be rebuilt, from the original lecture, to enable delivery from a PDA device or when disconnected form the internet.

Delivering a collection of lectures from within a hosted seminar or corporate university delivery framework will provide your audience with a single point of entry to your series of lectures and provide you with a significant amount of demographic, tracking and usage data about your audience and the learning they consume.

It's an ideal solution for distributed organisations, such as banks, dealer networks, sales groups, and many others. IBM Web lecture services makes it possible to communicate strategic messages clearly and consistently, train sales and marketing teams on new products, reduce training costs, improve overall communication, and much more.

IBM is able to offer the ability to create and deliver web lectures to our customers. For more details contact your IBM Sales representative and have them contact the AMS Learning Development group within their region.

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