How to join

1. Obtain an IBM ID

Your IBM ID can be used on any websites including PartnerWorld global site.
Go to IBM ID registration.

2. If your company is already registered simply add yourself to your company's IBM PartnerWorld membership

What do you need?
You'll need your company's unique 16 character alphanumeric token, obtained from your company's Authorized Profile Administrator (APA).

Who is my APA?
The APA is the person within your company who is responsible for administering your company's relationship with IBM.
After your APA approves your association with your company, you will receive a welcome email from PartnerWorld.

3. Register to PartnerWorld University so that we provide you courses matching your interests


  • Applications must be completed by an individual authorized to sign agreements on behalf of the legal company.
    The individual who registers the company will also register themselves as the Primary Relationship Contact (PRC) during this step.
    The PRC is responsible for assigning Authorized Profile Administrators (APAs).
    Once you've applied for membership as a new company, allow 2 business days for email notification of approval.
  • Get started
    • Register your company and add yourself to the membership in the process
    • An IBM ID is a single ID and password you can use across the domain. You will need an IBM ID before your register your company for IBM PartnerWorld membership.
    • Do you have an IBM ID?
    • No, I need to get an IBM ID
    • Yes, I have an IBM ID
    • I don't know