Systems College is moving to the new PartnerWorld University (PWU) and will be unavailable from Oct 1.
We have been running in parallel for a few months and are excited on the user experience on the new PWU.
Go to the new PWU, update your profile and customize your content preferences and enjoy the new features at

Systems Connect joins forces with Know Your IBM & Lenovo Expert Achievers Program

Exciting changes are underway in 2015 as we strive to give you a more a tailored learning experience to assist you with building your skills, whilst rewarding you for all your hard work.

As of February 9th, Systems Connect will be merged with Know Your IBM and the Lenovo eXpert Achievers offering. After the February 9th launch all Partners will access learning tracks and modules via either the KYI or LEAP Portals, depending on the offering you utilize.

You can access the education via the following links: