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0.0 hours - 80.0 hours

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IBM Business Analytics Proven Practices: Business Analytics Proven Practices: Pagination for RAVE visualizations used ...

Advanced 0.7 Hour

The steps to provide the pagination feature in a Cognos BI 10.2.2 report.

Simplify file transfer from the enterprise to the cloud with IBM MQ Managed File Transfer

1 Hour

When you move multiple file transfer applications to a cloud platform, you must adopt the predefined standard software stack that is provided by the cloud vendor. This article highlights a single solution for three of the most commonly encountered migration scenarios by using IBM® MQ Managed File Transfer (MQ MFT).

Create a translation application by using Watson services, Eclipse, and Bluemix, Part 2: Add cognitive services to the ...

Advanced 0.7 Hour

In this series, learn how to create a translation application with a speech to text front end. The tutorials in the series cover how to set up your environment and then use Java programming to develop the cognitive services.

Analyzing performance using perf annotate

Advanced 0.8 Hour

This article demonstrates how Perf annotate can be used to analyze performance details alongside actual code with their assembly instructions. It also describes how the new cross-architecture annotation can be used to analyze recorded profile on different architecture, for example, record data on IBM PowerPC server and annotate on your notebook or x86 system.

Learn Linux, 101: File editing with vi

Advanced 1 Hour

Learn how to use the vi editor, found on almost every UNIX and Linux system. You can use the material in this article to study for the LPI 101 exam for Linux system administrator certification, or just to learn for fun.

IBM WebSphere Application Server Migration Toolkit

1 Hour

The WebSphere Application Server Migration Toolkit helps organizations migrate applications to WebSphere Application Server V7, V8, V8.5.5, or V9. The migration can be from older WebSphere Application Server releases and from such application servers as Apache Tomcat Server, Oracle WebLogic Server, JBoss Application Server, and Oracle AS.

IBM System Storage TS7650 ProtecTIER ( Code SS29G )

Intermediate 16 Hours Instructor-led

ProtecTIER planning and installation with hands on labs and the creation of virtual library are some of the highlights of this class.

z/OS VSAM and Access Method Services ( Code SS83G )

Intermediate 40 Hours Instructor-led


Introduction to IBM SPSS Modeler and Data Mining (V16) ( Code 0A005G )

Basic 16 Hours Instructor-led

This basic course is for: Anyone who is new to IBM SPSS Modeler Anyone considering purchasing IBM SPSS Modeler Anyone interested in Data Mining

Clustering and Association Modeling Using IBM SPSS Modeler (V16) ( Code 0A045G )

Intermediate 8 Hours Instructor-led

This course is for IBM SPSS Modeler Analysts who want to become familiar with the full range of modeling techniques available in IBM SPSS Modeler to segment (cluster) data and to create models...

Advanced Predictive Modeling Using IBM SPSS Modeler (V16) ( Code 0A035G )

Intermediate 8 Hours Instructor-led

This intermediate-level course is for users of IBM SPSS Modeler responsible for building predictive models (also known as classification models).

Commerce on Cloud Administration Tools ( Code 6G51G )

Intermediate 1 Hour Self-paced

This course is designed to educate commerce on cloud administrators on how to use the WebSphere Commerce Administration tools.

Managing features for IBM WebSphere Commerce Version 7 FEP 8 ( Code 6G52G )

Intermediate 3 Hours Self-paced

This course is designed for system administrators, or site administrators who want to manage WebSphere Commerce features.

IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator 7.1.1 ( Code XIS01G )

Basic 24 Hours Self-paced with labs

This course enables you to use the configuration editor, administration, monitoring console, and action manager. Learn about the installation and key components as well as running assembly lines.

DB2 11 for z/OS Application Performance and Tuning ( Code CV963G )

Advanced 40 Hours Instructor-led

This intermediate course is designed for DB2 for z/OS application developers, DB2 for z/OS DBAs, and anyone else who is responsible for application performance and tuning in a DB2 for z/OS environm

Automated Data Mining with IBM SPSS Modeler ( Code 0A0G2G )

Basic 8 Hours Instructor-led

This basic course is for anyone with little or no experience using IBM SPSS Modeler or of data mining in general.

Advanced Techniques ANOVA ( Code 0G063G )

Advanced 16 Hours Instructor-led

This advanced course is for SPSS users who want to improve their understanding of analysis of variance techniques. Those who want to know how to set up analysis of variance...

Introduction to IBM SPSS Neural Networks ( Code 0G046G )

Intermediate 4 Hours Instructor-led

If you are a IBM Statistics (formerly IBM SPSS or SPSS Statistics) user in any application field who wants to learn more about Neural Network Models and their application, this intermediate course...

IBM SPSS Modeler Advantage and Rules Management ( Code 0V100G )

Basic 8 Hours Self-paced

This basic course is for those who intend to analyze historical data to create predictive models (for response, fraud, churn, and so forth), using modeling techniques and/or expert knowledge.

Market Segmentation Using IBM SPSS Statistics ( Code 0G036G )

Intermediate 8 Hours Instructor-led

This intermediate course is for anyone who has worked with SPSS for Windows and is interested in knowing more about the appropriate procedures for market segmentation.

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