We live on a Smarter Planet, where data, mobile, social, security and cloud are transforming industries and allowing us to create value in new ways. 2014 IBM Systems Technical University has the purpose of showing what the word is making today and how IBM can optimize your infrastructure and create greater business value for your company. This Conference will bring together technology leaders to sharpen their expertise, client case studies and best practices, hands-on labs and on-site certifications.


Cloud is driving clients to transform their business by reducing IT complexity and empowering innovation having a public, private or hybrid cloud. Big Data and Analytics is allowing our clients discover fresh insights, capture the time-value of data and act with confidence. Social and Mobile Technologies provide the opportunity to engage people in new ways to profoundly change the way we do business. Security, IBM is very experienced and qualified to help you secure a new era of computing with Intelligence, Integration and Expertirse.

IT Infrastructure

With the growth of Cloud Computing and Big Data Analytics, the decisions you make about your IT infrastructure have the power to affect the success of your initiatives. IBM offers breakthrough Systems and Storage designed to remake enterprise IT and transform your business. With open, expert integrated systems, Mainframes, x86 and POWER-based servers, as well as Disk, Tape and Storage Networking Systems, IBM helps you create an agile, responsive, efficient IT foundation.

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