The conference welcome desk will be open on Monday at 6:00 pm and on Tuesday at 8am. Upon arrival you will receive your conference badge and welcome package. The desk will remain open for the duration of the event.

The conference sessions will start at 9 a.m.on Day 1 (Tuesday). The conference will end at 3:15 pm on Day 3. The Solution Center will open on Day 1 at 12 pm and stays open until 14:00 on Day 3.

Agenda at a glance

Keynote and featured speakers

Keynote Speakers

Ana Zamper

Ana Zamper
Vice-President, Systems Technology Group
IBM Brazil

Cesar Campos

Cesar Campos
Director, System Storage
IBM Latin America

Frank Miller Koja

Frank Miller Koja
Director, Server Solutions
IBM Latin America

Tiago Spritzer

Tiago Spritzer
Executive, Social & Mobile
IBM Latin America


Get Certified

Get certified and save!

Take advantage of certification testing at the IBM Systems Technical University and save up to 50% versus the standard pricing offered at Prometric centers. The Professional Certification Program from IBM provides skilled sales and technical professionals an opportunity to demonstrate their expertise in business solutions to the world. The program is designed to validate skills and proficiency in the latest IBM technology and solutions. Professional certification instills confidence in your employer. Your skills have been tested and demonstrated, enabling you to deliver higher levels of service and technical expertise than non-certified employees and move on a faster career track. Professional certification puts you in control of your career.

The Professional Certification Program from IBM provides a structured program leading to an internationally recognized qualification. The program is self paced, allowing you to select your role, advance and take tests at your convenience. Certification is achieved by completing exams that validate required skills and knowledge. Course recommendations are offered to help you prepare. All certifications require some level of field experience. As a certified professional, you will receive a certificate of completion and certification mark for use in advertisements and business literature.

Registering for a test

Exams will be provided on an availability basis during the conference testing hours. No pre-registration is necessary.

Tuesday 28th 10:45 am – 17:45 pm
Wednesday 29th 09:00 am – 17:45 pm
Thursday 30th 09:00 am – 14:45 pm

Certification test fees

Certification exams will be offered at the special event rate of $100 USD per exam, up to a 50% discount over the testing center price. A complete listing of available IBM tests is available at the testing lab. Testing is offered on a first come, first served basis. No reservations are needed. Tests are payable on site at the time of testing, using Visa, Master Card or American Express, which the test taker enters directly into the testing tool. Some vouchers are accepted as payment for exams (for example, PartnerRewards testing vouchers, and IBM employee vouchers), but vouchers are not guaranteed to be accepted.

Preparing for an exam

Potential test takers should prepare for their test(s) prior to the conference.
To prepare, refer to the Professional Certification Program from IBM.

Web :

There you'll find test descriptions, including:

  • Certification job role names and descriptions to which the tests apply.
  • Test objectives measured on the tests.
  • Recommended educational resources.
  • Assessment and sample tests to help gauge your readiness for the actual exam.
  • Estimated time required to take the test.

Important notes on certification testing

The same test may be taken by an individual only twice in a 30 day period. Both attempts may be taken at this event. For each test, test takers are required to sign a confidentiality agreement, show their conference badge and one government issued ID with a recent photo (for example: passport, national ID, or driver license). All tests are closed-book containing

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