Developer Skills for IBM Business Process Manager Express or Standard V8.5.5

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Training Path for Developer Skills for  IBM Business Process Manager Express or Standard V8.5.5 VW902G Web Based Training    (.6 day) Introducing IBM Business Process Manager VW901G Web Based Training    (.6 day) Understanding Business Process Manager WB814G  Classroom (5 days) ZB814G  Self-paced virtual class (5 days) Process Implementing with IBM Business Process Manager Standard... WB815G   Classroom (5 days) ZB815G   Self-paced virtual class (5 days) Process Implementation with IBM Business Process Manager...


The Developer builds shared process models that maximize team efficiency by enabling all team members to express and interpret business requirements consistently using standard process model elements and notation. The Developer uses product skills and good practice methods to design and implement process applications using IBM Business Process Manager; delivers business value more quickly through collaborative development techniques and efficient reuse of data and functionality from existing systems; controls the flow of process execution, decision making and exception management across multiple organizational roles and systems/applications; tailors user screens for each process activity to enable end-users to interact with multiple internal/external systems through a single interface; builds an executable process model that communicates enough implementation detail for direct execution while retaining clarity required for maintainability and business stakeholder communication.


It is assumed that the individual following this roadmap already has basic skills in the following areas:


After completing this training path, students should be able to: