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IBM WebSphere Commerce V8 Foundation (Code 6G84G)

Basic 2 Hours Self-paced

IBM Vulnerability Management Service is a turnkey solution providing vulnerability discovery, prioritization, remediation, dynamic protection, verification and customizable reporting.

IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation Author Fundamentals, V6.0.1 (Code U5NSL55G)

Intermediate 8 Hours Multiple

This course teaches the basics of authoring requirements using DOORS Next Generation (DNG).

IBM Tivoli Netcool Configuration Manager 6.4 Advanced Features (Code TOS41G)

Intermediate 8 Hours Self-paced with labs

Learn the new features of NCM 6.4 and advanced topics including the use of JavaScript to create complex change templates and policies, and the Network Service Manager interface

IBM Business Process Manager and Watson Cognitive Processes using Bluemix (Code WB831G)

Intermediate 4 Hours Multiple

At a glance IBM Forms Experience Builder on Cloud Standard Edition capabilities:Business users can create, manage, and deploy powerful web applications for data collection in a secure, dedicated software as a service (SaaS) environment. Companies can create applications that can be used as stand-al

Developing Rule Solutions in IBM Operational Decision Manager V8.9 (Code WB400G)

Intermediate 40 Hours Multiple

IBM Financial Crimes Insight with Watson provides greater standardization and consistency, while reducing errors through enhanced holistic understanding of risk. The solution leverages innovative technology to improve customer due diligence and alert triage, and help make all of your analysts as p

IBM Maximo Asset Management Fundamentals (Code U65987G)

Basic 32 Hours Multiple

This course teaches you the features and functions of IBM Maximo Asset Management. Learn the necessary skills to support your IBM Maximo 7.6 needs.

Web Services Support in IBM DataPower V7.5 (Code ZE754G)

Intermediate 4 Hours Self-paced with labs

This course teaches you the developer skills that are required to configure WS-Security features and use WSDLs to generate web service proxy services on IBM DataPower Gateway V7.5.

IBM MQ V9 Advanced System Administration (Distributed) (Code ZM213G)

Intermediate 32 Hours Self-paced with labs

This course focuses on advanced features of IBM MQ, such as implementing workload management by using a queue manager cluster, and authenticating connections, channels, and users.

Business Analysis for Agile BPM Process Transformation (Code ZB825G)

Intermediate 24 Hours Self-paced with labs

This course teaches you agile methods to approach business process analysis for Business Process Management (BPM) implementations.

IBM Open Platform Overview - eLearning (Code K03002G)

Intermediate 5 Hours Self-paced

This course is designed to introduce learners to the IBM Open Platform (IOP) with Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop.

IBM Case Foundation 5.2.1: External Communication (Code F243G)

Intermediate 4 Hours Multiple

Learn how to enhance workflows by integrating external communication.

Introduction to IBM SPSS Neural Networks (Code 0G046G)

Intermediate 4 Hours Instructor-led

If you are a IBM Statistics (formerly IBM SPSS or SPSS Statistics) user in any application field who wants to learn more about Neural Network Models and their application, this intermediate course...

Market Segmentation Using IBM SPSS Statistics (Code 0G036G)

Intermediate 8 Hours Instructor-led

This intermediate course is for anyone who has worked with SPSS for Windows and is interested in knowing more about the appropriate procedures for market segmentation.

Advanced Statistical Methods for Healthcare Research (Code 0G016G)

Intermediate 16 Hours Instructor-led

Healthcare professionals who want to identify significant differences between two or more groups and who want to analyze binary outcome data using logistic regression methods.

Advanced Techniques Regression (Code 0G073G)

Advanced 24 Hours Instructor-led

This advanced course is for Those who want to know when to use and how to set up regression in SPSS as well as how to interpret the results. SPSS users who want to improve...

Advanced Predictive Modeling Using IBM SPSS Modeler (V16) (Code 0A035G)

Intermediate 8 Hours Instructor-led

This intermediate-level course is for users of IBM SPSS Modeler responsible for building predictive models (also known as classification models).

Presenting Data with IBM SPSS Custom (V20) (Code 0G170G)

Basic 16 Hours Instructor-led

IBM SPSS Statistics users will learn key skills around presenting data in a format directly supported by the SPSS Statistics tools.

Introduction to IBM SPSS Decision Trees (V19) (Code 0G2K9G)

Intermediate 16 Hours Instructor-led

This intermediate course is for: Analysts building prediction or decision models for which many predictor variables of different types may be involved Survey and Market...

Introduction to IBM SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys (V4.0.1) (Code 0G301G)

Intermediate 16 Hours Instructor-led

This intermediate course is intended for anyone interested in analyzing text data.

Time Series Analysis and Forecasting with IBM SPSS Forecasting (Code 0G096G)

Advanced 24 Hours Instructor-led

This advanced course is for SPSS users who are interested in getting up to speed quickly and efficiently using the SPSS forecasting capabilities. Those who want to know the...

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