IBM Digital Learning Developer

This badge earner has demonstrated their ability to create digital learning content on the IBM Training and Skills Digital Learning Platform, based on Moodle. The individual has mastered the skills necessary to create IBM Digital Learning.

  • 0
  • Intermediate
  • 12 hours
  • Self-paced


This 4-week course will be offered each quarter, beginning in Q4 2017. The course combines self-paced digital learning, with live sessions, videos, checkpoints and a variety of social learning options (wikis, forums, etc.) The course ends with a final quiz for which the learner must pass with a score of 80%.


This course is free and open to all IBMers and Global Training Providers (GTPs).


To earn the badge the learner must complete all requirements in the Creating IBM Digital Learning with Moodle MOOC (massive open online course.)

Key Topics

Week 1 - Getting Started with Moodle

This first unit covers how to get started with Moodle, creating a practice course, and trying some of the simple editing techniques. Topics include:

  • Getting Started
  • Finding your way around
  • How to lay out your course
  • What's a course?
  • Adding and editing text
  • How to personalize your course sections
  • Understanding all the editing icons
  • Adding documents by drag and drop
  • Creating your first course

Week 2 - Engaging your Learners

This unit covers many of the common activities and resources you can include in your course. Topics include:

  • How can I help my learners learn
  • I want to display all my course documents
  • What's a file picker?
  • Adding an image
  • What is the Activity Chooser?
  • Page/Book - I have reading materials for learners
  • Label: I want to show students sound/video files
  • URL: I want my students to access useful websites
  • Forum: I want my students to discuss together
  • Choice: I want my students to have a say in what we learn
  • Glossary: I want my students to learn key terms
  • Wiki: I want my students to build knowledge together
  • Survey/Feedback: I want to get detailed feedback from my students

Week 3 - Creating Interactive Content: Simulations, Quizzes, and Checkpoints

This unit covers how to include interactive elements in your courses such as H5P elements, checkpoints and quizzes.. Topics include:

  • Using H5P to create interactive content
  • Sharing Captivate simulations
  • Setting up for student to submit work for review
  • Monitoring Course Activity
  • Creating an IBM Quiz or Badge Quiz

Week 4 - Using IBM Standards, Templates, and Best Practices

This unit covers how to create digital learning content using our IBM templates, standards and guidelines. Topics include:

  • Identifying the types of courses IBM produces
  • Using IBM templates and best practices
  • Using gamification plugins
  • Backing up and restoring your course
  • Learning some advanced Moodle options