Cloud Architecture

As a cloud architect you are responsible for overseeing a company's cloud
computing strategy including cloud adoption plans, cloud application design, and
cloud management and monitoring. Use this journey to develop your skills to enable
you to be a consultant to your organization and stay up-to-date on the latest trends
and issues.

Job Role / Skills : Architect/Consultant/Operations/Sales/Support/Developer

  • Basic
  • 0.3 hour
  • Multiple
  • 1 Assets

What Outcome(s) are you aiming for?

- UrbanCode (1)

Introduction to IBM UrbanCode Deploy

Intermediate 0.3 hour Self-paced No Cost

Use IBM UrbanCode Deploy to standardize and simplify the process of deploying
software components to each environment in your development cycle.
IBM UrbanCode Deploy helps you meet the challenge of deploying software
throughout your enterprise by providing tools that improve both deployment speed
and reliability.

Introduction to IBM UrbanCode Deploy

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