Deploying Applications to WebSphere Liberty on Bluemix


This course requires you to configure a virtual machine image with the Ubuntu operating system. You download and configure freely available software as part of the hands-on exercises. You use the IBM Bluemix and DevOps environments to complete the exercises.

In this course, you learn how to build Liberty applications and push them to a Liberty Server instance on Bluemix. You also learn how to integrate Bluemix DevOps and cloud services with Liberty applications. The course introduces the IBM WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile, and covers topics such as installing Liberty, using command-line tools and the IBM Eclipse Tools for Bluemix to manage Liberty Server, and monitoring and troubleshooting Liberty on Bluemix.

In the lab exercises, you build Liberty applications and push them to a Liberty Server instance on Bluemix, integrate Bluemix DevOps and cloud services with Liberty applications, and secure Liberty applications that are running on Bluemix.

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This course is designed for Java EE application developers and WebSphere administrators who are comfortable working independently with minimal guidance.


  • Prepare the Ubuntu image to use for the lab exercises
  • Have experience in developing or deploying Java EE applications

Key topics

Course introduction
Overview of the Liberty Profile
Deploying applications to Liberty on Bluemix
Exercise: Getting started with Liberty on Bluemix
Using Bluemix cloud services with Liberty
Exercise: Adding Bluemix cloud services to Liberty applications
Advanced configuration and security
Exercise: Working with security
Monitoring and troubleshooting the Liberty Profile
Course summary


  • Describe the characteristics and architecture of Liberty Profile
  • Create a Liberty Server on Bluemix
  • Build a Liberty application and push it to Bluemix by using command-line tools, IBM Continuous Delivery, and IBM Eclipse Tools for Bluemix
  • Add a service to an application on Bluemix
  • Use the Bluemix utility to integrate Bluemix services into Liberty applications
  • Configure security for an application on Bluemix
  • Configure Bluemix application management utilities for use with Liberty
  • Enable remote debugging of a Liberty application on Bluemix
  • Monitor Liberty applications in Bluemix by using JConsole and other tools
  • View Liberty logging and trace files

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