AIX Basics


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This course enables you to perform everyday tasks using the AIX operating system. This course provides simulated lab exercises in an interactive and easy to use format. No lab environment is required to perform the simulations contained in this course.


This basic course is intended for anyone who requires basic AIX/UNIX user skills to be able to work in an AIX environment.

This course is also a prerequisite for many courses in the AIX Systems Administration curriculum.


You should be familiar with:

  • Basic information technology (IT) concepts and the role of an operating system

Key topics

  • Unit 1 - Introduction to AIX
  • Unit 2 - Using the System
  • Unit 3 - AIX Documentation
  • Unit 4 - Files and Directories
  • Unit 5 - Using Files
  • Unit 6 - File Permissions
  • Unit 7 - The vi Editor
  • Unit 8 - Shell Basics
  • Unit 9 - Using Shell Variables
  • Unit 10 - Processes
  • Unit 11 - Controlling Processes
  • Unit 12 - Customizing the User Environment
  • Unit 13 - AIX Utilities, Part I
  • Unit 14 - AIX Utilities, Part II
  • Unit 15 - Additional Shell Features
  • Unit 16 - The AIX Graphical User Interface


  • Log in to an AIX system and set a user password
  • Use AIX online documentation
  • Manage AIX files and directories
  • Describe the purpose of the shell
  • Use the vi editor
  • Execute common AIX commands and manage AIX processes
  • Customize the working environment
  • Use common AIX utilities
  • Write simple shell scripts
  • Use the AIXWindows Environment
  • Use the Common Desktop Environment

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