IBM Gold Consultant - 2017


IBM Gold Consultants are independent consultants recognized in the IT industry as possessing superior technical expertise, product knowledge, vast industry expertise, market knowledge and a strong digital presence.  Gold Consultants also enjoy unique relationships with IBM development, often engaging in two-way discussions to help shape future product direction.  IBM and The Gold Consultants align on strategy, priorities and initiatives to contribute to the collective benefit of IBM Clients.


Analytics|Application Development|Blogging|Cloud Computing|Technical Author|Mobile|Social|Enterprise Database|Distributed Database|Enterprise Analytics|Regional User Group Leadership|Digital Presence|Conference Speaker|IT Governance|IT Security|IT Consultant|IT Performance Tuning|IT Capacity Planning|IT System Architect|IT Trainer

What it takes to earn this badge

  • To earn this badge, the individual must be nominated and selected as an IBM Gold Consultant.  Nomination criteria includes the following skill set:

  • Technical expertise on IBM products.

  • Ability to evangelize on behalf of IBM.

  • Demonstration of industry influence.

  • Ability to share knowledge and expertise by engaging in meaningful two-way discussions with IBM development teams (under Non Disclosure Agreement).