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0.0 hours - 80.0 hours

Nivel de conocimientos

IBM Sterling Connect:Direct for z/OS v5.2.0 Administration ( N° de curso 6B16G )

Intermediate 16 s Multiple

This Sterling Connect:Direct® for z/OS Administration course provides an overview of the various administrative tasks and its functions.

IBM Datacap 9.0.1 - Configuration & Administration ( N° de curso F262G )

Intermediate 32 s Multiple

This course shows you how to configure IBM Datacap and its components on a multi-system setup. You also learn about configuration of the IBM Datacap Navigator, system administration and maintenance.

IBM Content Manager OnDemand for MP V9.X Implementation and Administration ( N° de curso U5NEN01G )

Intermediate 40 s Multiple

This course is for individuals whose job includes responsibility for administering and maintaining an IBM Content Manager OnDemand MP V9.X system. The course includes hands on exercises.

IBM Content Manager OnDemand V9.X Administration ( N° de curso U5NEN02G )

Intermediate 32 s Instructor-led

This intermediate course is designed for CMOD Report Administrators, that is, people who will be indexing and loading documents into a CMOD system. These people are responsible for creating the...

IBM Content Manager OnDemand V9.5 Advanced System Administration ( N° de curso U5NEN03G )

Advanced 28 s Instructor-led

This advanced course is for those whose job includes responsibility for administering an IBM Content Manager OnDemand system and who have a need for an in-depth knowledge of the OnDemand system...

Create a simple predictive analytics classification model in Java with Weka

Advanced 1

Get an overview of the Weka classification engine and learn how to create a simple classifier for programmatic use. Understand how to store and load models, manipulate them, and use them to evaluate data. Consider applications and implementation strategies suitable for the enterprise environment so you turn a collection of training data into a functioning model for real-time prediction.

Configuration of Enterprise Pool for Capacity on Demand with IBM Geographically Dispersed Resiliency for Power Systems ...

Advanced 0.9

This article explains about the newly released disaster recovery solution, IBM Geographically Disperse Resiliency for Power Systems, and explains how to use it seamlessly with Power Enterprise Pools. This article explains the concepts involved in capacity on demand and steps involved in configuring the same from the HMC GUI and command line.

What's the big deal about Big SQL?

Basic 1

If you specialize in relational database management technology, you've probably heard a lot about 'big data' and the open source Apache Hadoop project. Perhaps you've also heard about IBM's new Big SQL technology, which enables InfoSphere BigInsights users to query Hadoop data using industry-standard SQL. Curious? This article introduces you to Big SQL, answering many of the common questions that relational DBMS users have about this IBM technology.

IBM Partner Engagement Manager for System Administrator ( N° de curso 6K01G )

Intermediate 3 s Self-paced

This 3-hour course shows how to download, install and configure Docker images for Partner Engagement Manager, Partner Repository, and Partner Provisioner

Mobile Application Development with IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation V8 ( N° de curso VY502G )

Intermediate 24 s Self-paced

This course teaches you how to develop native or hybrid mobile applications by using IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation V8 and the IDE, tools, or front-end framework of choice.

Red Hat Virtualization (RHV) environment on IBM Power Systems

Advanced 0.8

This article describes how to install and configure RHV components based on RHEL 7.3 LE, on an IBM POWER8 host.

Calling R from SPSS

Advanced 1

Starting with version 16, IBM® SPSS® provides a free plug-in that enables you to run R syntax from within SPSS. The plug-in connects R to the active database. You can write results that are obtained from R into a new SPSS database for further manipulation in SPSS. This article is for the reader who is familiar with R and SPSS but who has not yet tried to use them in tandem.

Big data business intelligence analytics

Advanced 1

Learn about integrating business intelligence and big data analytics. Explore the similarities, differences, and what choices to consider.

Using KVM virtualization

Advanced 0.9

Kernel-based virtual machine (KVM) virtualization has largely replaced Xen as the default open source mechanism for creating and supporting virtual machines (VMs) on most Linux systems. Though the motivation for this change is primarily build and support related rather than technical, the reality is that many enterprise IT groups that are interested in virtualization will need to learn the administrative command-and-control tools that KVM uses. Similarly, IT shops with an existing investment in Xen virtualization that are moving to KVM will probably want to convert existing VMs to the formats that KVM supports whenever possible, rather than having to re-create them.

Leverage Python, SciKit, and text classification for behavioral profiling

Advanced 1

Learn how to build a behavioral profile model for customers based on text attributes of previously purchased product descriptions. With SciKit, a powerful Python-based machine learning package for model construction and evaluation, learn how to build and apply a model to simulated customer product purchase histories. In a sample scenario, construct a model that assigns music-listener profiles to individual customers, based on the specific products each customer purchases and the corresponding textual product descriptions.

IBM DS8000 Implementation Workshop for z Systems ( N° de curso SSF1DG )

Intermediate 24 s Self-paced

Anyone who needs to learn about DS8000 implementation and experiment with them on a real test configuration.

IBM Datacap 9.0.1 - Datacap Navigator Configuration ( N° de curso F257G )

Intermediate 8 s Multiple

This course shows you how to install and configure Datacap Navigator. Topics: User Settings, Rescan, Single Sign On, Custom Panels, External Data Services (EDS), Transactional Capture, Customization

Process small, compressed files in Hadoop using CombineFileInputFormat

Advanced 1

This article provides detailed examples that show you how to extend and implement CombineFileInputFormat to read the content of gzip (default codec) files at runtime. Learn how to use CombineFileInputFormat within the MapReduce framework to decouple the amount of data a Mapper consumes from the block size of the files in HDFS.

Use change data capture technology in InfoSphere Data Replication with InfoSphere BigInsights

Advanced 0.8

Learn how to capture the changes made on source transactional databases such as IBM DB2 and Oracle, and replicate them to the Apache Hadoop Distributed File System in IBM InfoSphere® BigInsights. Use change data capture replication technology in InfoSphere Data Replication 10.2 for InfoSphere DataStage with InfoSphere BigInsights support.

Survey text mining with IBM SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys, Part 1: Exploring sample survey data

Advanced 1

This two-part series of articles steps through the process of text mining by using IBM® SPSS® Text Analytics for Surveys, version 4.0.1. Part 1 describes the objectives of survey text mining and presents sample data of a survey for analysis. In a tour of survey analytics, explore the capabilities of SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys in a step-by-step manner. Every step shows you a bit of information about your sample data. Learn how to use SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys to completely decipher survey data.