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IBM Sterling Connect:Direct for z/OS v5.2.0 Administration ( Kursnr. 6B16G )

Intermediate 16 s Multiple

This Sterling Connect:Direct® for z/OS Administration course provides an overview of the various administrative tasks and its functions.

IBM Datacap 9.0.1 - Configuration & Administration ( Kursnr. F262G )

Intermediate 32 s Multiple

This course shows you how to configure IBM Datacap and its components on a multi-system setup. You also learn about configuration of the IBM Datacap Navigator, system administration and maintenance.

IBM Content Manager OnDemand for MP V9.X Implementation and Administration ( Kursnr. U5NEN01G )

Intermediate 40 s Multiple

This course is for individuals whose job includes responsibility for administering and maintaining an IBM Content Manager OnDemand MP V9.X system. The course includes hands on exercises.

IBM Content Manager OnDemand V9.X Administration ( Kursnr. U5NEN02G )

Intermediate 32 s Instructor-led

This intermediate course is designed for CMOD Report Administrators, that is, people who will be indexing and loading documents into a CMOD system. These people are responsible for creating the...

IBM Content Manager OnDemand V9.5 Advanced System Administration ( Kursnr. U5NEN03G )

Advanced 28 s Instructor-led

This advanced course is for those whose job includes responsibility for administering an IBM Content Manager OnDemand system and who have a need for an in-depth knowledge of the OnDemand system...

Create a simple predictive analytics classification model in Java with Weka

Advanced 1

Get an overview of the Weka classification engine and learn how to create a simple classifier for programmatic use. Understand how to store and load models, manipulate them, and use them to evaluate data. Consider applications and implementation strategies suitable for the enterprise environment so you turn a collection of training data into a functioning model for real-time prediction.

Configuration of Enterprise Pool for Capacity on Demand with IBM Geographically Dispersed Resiliency for Power Systems ...

Advanced 0.9

This article explains about the newly released disaster recovery solution, IBM Geographically Disperse Resiliency for Power Systems, and explains how to use it seamlessly with Power Enterprise Pools. This article explains the concepts involved in capacity on demand and steps involved in configuring the same from the HMC GUI and command line.

What's the big deal about Big SQL?

Basic 1

If you specialize in relational database management technology, you've probably heard a lot about 'big data' and the open source Apache Hadoop project. Perhaps you've also heard about IBM's new Big SQL technology, which enables InfoSphere BigInsights users to query Hadoop data using industry-standard SQL. Curious? This article introduces you to Big SQL, answering many of the common questions that relational DBMS users have about this IBM technology.

IBM Partner Engagement Manager for System Administrator ( Kursnr. 6K01G )

Intermediate 3 s Self-paced

This 3-hour course shows how to download, install and configure Docker images for Partner Engagement Manager, Partner Repository, and Partner Provisioner

Red Hat Virtualization (RHV) environment on IBM Power Systems

Advanced 0.8

This article describes how to install and configure RHV components based on RHEL 7.3 LE, on an IBM POWER8 host.

Calling R from SPSS

Advanced 1

Starting with version 16, IBM® SPSS® provides a free plug-in that enables you to run R syntax from within SPSS. The plug-in connects R to the active database. You can write results that are obtained from R into a new SPSS database for further manipulation in SPSS. This article is for the reader who is familiar with R and SPSS but who has not yet tried to use them in tandem.

IBM Datacap 9.0.1 - Datacap Navigator Configuration ( Kursnr. F257G )

Intermediate 8 s Multiple

This course shows you how to install and configure Datacap Navigator. Topics: User Settings, Rescan, Single Sign On, Custom Panels, External Data Services (EDS), Transactional Capture, Customization

Unleash the value of Guardium data with SonarG


Organizations that use IBM® Security Guardium® for data security and compliance can be challenged by the quantity of collected audit data. By using the SonarG big data solution for Guardium, it is possible for organizations to simplify and speed up reporting capabilities while they reduce the number of appliances required to manage reporting and data retention requirements. This article describes the SonarG solution, how it fits into a Guardium enterprise deployment, and how to integrate SonarG with Guardium.

Apply SPSS analytics technology to big data


Learn about the new capabilities in SPSS for working with big data. SPSS analytic assets can now be easily modified to connect to different big data sources and can run in different deployment modes (batch or real time). Components of the SPSS platform now work with IBM Netezza, InfoSphere BigInsights, and InfoSphere Streams to enable analysts to use powerful analytics tools with big data.

DB2 9.7 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows New Features ( Kursnr. 1L312G )

Intermediate 16 s Self-paced

This intermediate course is for database administrators, application designers, technical support, and technical specialists who require information about the features and functions of DB2 9.7...

IBM OpenPages: Role Based Security (v7.3) eLearning ( Kursnr. 1O266G )

Basic 1 Self-paced

This courses teaches IBM OpenPages GRC Platform administrators about role-based security

IBM Datacap 9.0.1 - Datacap Configuration ( Kursnr. F256G )

Intermediate 8 s Multiple

This course shows you to how configure Datacap Server, Datacap Web Server, and Client on a single and multiple system configuration. You also learn how to configure other Datacap components.

IBM Sterling Configure, Price, Quote 9.5 Sterling Configurator Visual Modeler Fundamentals ( Kursnr. 6F103G )

Intermediate 16 s Self-paced with labs

This course introduces you to the fundamentals of the Sterling Configurator Visual Modeler application.

Analyzing large datasets with Hive

Advanced 1

Every 24 hours, the big data industry gathers and logs terabytes of data. There is a growing need to make sense of this ballooning amount of data. From C-level executives down to engineers, the challenge is to base forecasts and make decisions derived from this information. This article shows you how to analyze these big datasets using Apache Hive, a data warehouse built for data-intensive distributed applications.

Moving ahead with Hadoop YARN

Advanced 1

As big data evolves, so do its processing frameworks. Apache Hadoop was introduced in 2005 with the core MapReduce processing engine to support distributed processing of large-scale data workloads. Seven years later, Hadoop is undergoing an overhaul. The result of this process is a more generally usable Hadoop framework that supports not just MapReduce but other distributed processing models. This article introduces the new Hadoop architecture and identifies what you need to know before you switch.

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