The New Business Continuity Professional

What makes you special

What makes you special?
You want to become the best Business Continuity Professional in your industry. You want to learn about the skills and tools needed to adapt and react to change as well as the strategies that set you apart and help you lead change in your organization.

Web Seminar Overview
Please review our 30-minute Web seminar that will help you understand what it takes to transform yourself into a 21st-century expert who manages the recovery, resilience, and continuity of an entire organization. You will also learn why it is important for you to make this transformation now.

Why the business continuity professional role is transforming and how to make the transformation now.

Recorded:Tuesday, October 17, 2006
Duration:30 minutes including Q&A
IBM Executive Speaker:Damian Walch
National Practice Executive
IBM Business Continuity Consulting

Specifically, Mr. Walch discussed the new skills, education, and technology that a 21st-century BC Professional must have as well as the industry-leading services available to these professionals to help them do their job better and more easily.

What makes you special? You want to transform yourself into a 21st-century Business Continuity expert.

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