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IBM CFS User Experience - Multi-channel Design

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Multi-channel Design

Multi-channel Design is much more than pretty pictures. It supports the business objectives and the overall user experience by ensuring that the needs and wants of users are reflected in the look and feel of the interface. By leveraging leading practices in usability, accessibility and design, as well as research uncovered during the Multi-channel Strategy and requirements gathering, we create interactive interfaces that are compelling, eye-catching, and efficient.

  • Interface and Interaction Design
  • Digital Signage Design
  • Interactive Branding and Design
  • Web Enabled ATM Design
  • Airport Check-in Kiosk Design
  • PDA and Digital Guide Design
  • Digital TV Guide Design
  • Digital Merchandising Design
  • Video and Vector Animation

Multi-channel Development

The Customer Facing Solution's team excels in providing front and backend capabilities customized to each solution. Multi-channel development integrates seamlessly with multi-channel design offering flexibility, stability and interactivity in multiple channels. Without solid functionality, the value of sites is limited to their brand and the information they provide. Backend capabilities customized to each solution tie in seamlessly with the front end design offering flexibility, stability and interactivity - always with the user's need and wants in mind. Multi-channel Development includes the following:

  • Web 2.0 Strategy including Rich Internet Application Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Full Kiosk Solutions
  • Content Management Solutions
  • Accessibility Remediation and Optimization
  • Self-service Solutions

Business Value of Multi-channel Design and Development

  • Optimized branded experiences that are aligned across channels, address the users' needs, and leverage the platform functionality to its fullest potential
  • Deliver technologically robust solutions that are integrated with strategy and design components
  • Provide functionality and interactivity that supports the business objectives of the site

For more information on how Customer Facing Solutions can help you with your Multi-channel Design and Development, contact or

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