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IBM CFS - Portals/Enterprise Content Management

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Portals/Enterprise Content Management

As the amount of information within and across businesses dramatically increases, effective knowledge and content management leverages that information to fuel innovation, responsiveness, and efficiency. IBM's Portals/Enterprise Content Management Solutions include both consultative and implementation services that are centered around creating, managing and delivering content over the web. On-demand workplaces are rich environments where people work and communicate. They deliver mission-critical content that must be absolutely accurate, timely and readily available.


Portals shrink the world and enable the on-demand workplace by putting relevant and timely information within easy reach. Our Portal Services include:

  • Search
  • Collaboration
  • Personalization
  • Expertise identification
  • Connection to key applications delivered on any device

Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content Management Services include consulting and integration offerings:

  • Document Management: The creation, management, control, and distribution of critical electronic intellectual assets
  • Web Content Management: The collaborative process of creating, maintaining, and deploying web sites to ensure accuracy, authenticity, timeliness and effectiveness
  • Digital Asset Management: The management of digital assets, adding rights management, digital watermarking, distribution and sales of digital assets
  • Email Management: The effective management, retention and archiving of email for legal compliance requirements
  • Knowledge Management: The harvesting and lifecycle management of tangible and intangible knowledge assets
  • Records Management:ul>The management of records to assist in ensuring that content is secured and retained in accordance with industry and regulatory requirements including the electronic and legal discovery process for evidentiary and litigation purposes
  • Workflow Processing: The functionality that enables organizations to optimize business process, track activities, resources and audit process efficacy
  • Business Process Integration: The alignment to the organization's business processes and operational systems providing a seamless integration of technology and processes
  • Electronic Forms: Direct capture of data, serving as an interface to business processes and bridging the paper-digital divide
  • Imaging: The online storage, retrieval, and management of electronic images of documents and information. Common methods of image capturing include scanning, faxing, and input from digital imaging devices

Benefits of working with our Portal/Enterprise Content Management Practice

As the Canadian Portal/Enterprise Content Management Practice we have the knowledge, skills, experience, and breadth of solutions necessary to design, implement, and maintain an industry-leading, enterprise-transforming on-demand workplace infrastructure. Our robust product and service solutions are comprehensive and unique to the industry.

IBM is an integrator with the vision to architect a true state-of-the-art solution, drawing upon a structured, repeatable approach that leverages past engagements and successful delivery experience from a wide range of successful implementations; all of which are supported by a highly experienced global workforce that is dedicated to its continuous innovation.

To succeed in today's marketplace, enterprises must demonstrate the capability of adapting to and addressing the information and service needs of employees, customers, shareholders, regulators, suppliers, and business partners rapidly and efficiently. Technologies such as Portals and Enterprise Content Management enable enterprises to offer an integrated and responsive environment for aggregating and accessing information. This offering provides the best practices, tools, assets, and techniques needed to ensure an efficient, predictable, and scalable customer solution.

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