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Mobile Applications Practice

Phones and PDAs are converging into a single, always connected device that is increasingly multi-functional through voice, messaging, web browsing, or location-based services. The CFS Mobile Applications Practice shapes your strategies around mobile business and enterprise opportunities, prioritizes mobile users’ wants and needs, and develops mobile applications customized to today’s diverse classes of device capabilities. Wondering how to leverage your online solutions to speed up the transition to mobile services? See our suite of mobile offerings.

Mobile Applications Practice Value Proposition

Mobile Applications Practice is based on the creative, multi-skilled resources of IBM Innovation Centres, who are experts in applying emerging technologies to improve user experiences. With a client-centric view, Mobile Application Practice can help.

  • Identify and develop your organization’s strategic positioning around mobile services as part of a multi-channel approach.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of mobile user expectations and market trends in order to develop innovative applications and business models.
  • Develop mobile applications and services that maximize end-user experience with convenient user interfaces.
  • Establish scalable infrastructure to rapidly ramp up services for pilot to mission critical applications. Apply methodologies and best practices to build a flexible and cost efficient infrastructure
  • Transform your business from a device driven model to include multi-channel offerings, mobile web services, and mobile content delivery.

IBM Mobile Check-in (MCI) Solution for Airlines

Mobile Check-in is built on airline check-in common business logic shared among kiosk, web and mobile channels. Smart Phone users and those whose devices support the WAP 2.0 protocol, can use the Mobile Check-in Web Application. The application is delivered via the Web browser embedded in the phone and provides a full-feature check-in process similar in function to Web and kiosk check-in.

Passengers with older phones that do not support WAP or those without a data plan will be able to check-in via the Mobile Check-in SMS application. The SMS application uses the text-messaging features widely available in mobile plans to process check-in. Passengers simply exchange a number of text messages with the application in order to obtain their electronic boarding pass.

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