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The application was released on the Apple App Store on Aug 20, 2009 and within a week rose to become the #2 application in Canada (#1 in the Travel category).

It is available free on iTunes or by searching for 'Air Canada' in the App Store. It has been downloaded 125,000+ times from 58 countries during the first month on the App Store.

Air Canada

"Air Canada continues to be an industry leader in offering customers mobile and wireless services that provide real-time information and convenient functions for people who are on the move. We are significantly expanding these options with the release of our Air Canada App, which will enable travellers using an Apple iPhone or iPod touch device to check-in, board and obtain other details about Air Canada flights. This is only the first iteration of our App and we will continue to add new features in response to customer demand."

- Ben Smith, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer

"The team can be defined by their flexibility, teamwork and commitment. Out of the box thinking and ideas were brought to the solution to improve the application and generate new ideas for future versions. The offer of a usability test in order to ensure that we could deliver the best possible product given the project's timeline demonstrates this commitment. There was no 'IBM' or 'AC' in this project. It felt like we were working together towards a common goal."

- Darcy Noonan, Manager Customer Service Platform, Air Canada e-commerce

The mobile channel is a key part of our evolving strategy to simplify and ease the experience of our customers. Being able to offer personalized, real-time information through mobile devices is bringing the interaction with our passengers to a whole new level, allowing us to maintain a closer relationship with them.

- Patrice Ouellette, Director Customer Service Platform, Air Canada e-commerce


Online News

IBM Developed Air Canada iPhone is now the winner of 'Best Mobile Application' in 2009 Canadian New Media Awards.

Hats off to Air Canada for releasing a free iPhone app that not only replaces a human worker, but improves the experience for the traveler as well.

Air Canada has succeeded in created a no-nonsense effective tool for their loyal flyers and integrated some great functional tools other airlines should explore in the creation and updating of their mobile tools. iPhone "App" Of The Week : Air Canada

The Prize For First North American Airline With An iPhone App Goes To... Bravo, Air Canada.

App Store Reviews

Cleared for take-off 5star
by Where's the bus?! - Version 1.1 - 6-Sep-2009
Great app.Airline pilot approved! ;)

Just what I was looking for 4star
by J Swank - Version 1.0 - 28-Aug-2009
You got to hand it to Air Canada.... they're not afraid to try new things in the airline industry, technologically speaking at least (one of the first airlines to offer self serve check-in, trial self serve baggage check-in, etc). This is a very handy app. I fly a lot and find this to be exactly what I needed. Cheers!

Great app! Great for crew as well 5star
by FlightattendantJenn - Version 1.0 - 24-Aug-2009
Love the app! Great job! This is really helpful, especially as a flight attendant! I've been waiting for something like this from AC for months! Thanks!

Boarding Pass 4star
by AH10 - Version 1.0 - 26-Aug-2009
Love the ability to get your mobile boarding pass right from within the app! Awesome!

Great airline app 5star
by StevenDCRowe - Version 1.0 - 29-Aug-2009
Easy to check-in and great flight status info!

Great App!! 5star
by GiselaBella - Version 1.0 - 29-Aug-2009
I think this app is great! It has everything I need while traveling with Air Canada. I even tracked my son's flight the other day and saw its status change from "Left Gate" to "In Flight" - very reassuring! Would recommend this to anyone who uses Air Canada.

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