Toleration maintenance

When you decide to install/upgrade your z/OS, there may be other systems software that may require associated toleration maintenance, e.g. the driving system, accompanying systems, etc.  IBM can offload the task of performing the research for this toleration service by providing you with the necessary toleration maintenance PLUS all the necessary pre-req. and co-req. PTF(s) which you need to install the service on your other systems. All you need to do is tell us which z/OS or subsystems (DB2, CICS,IMS) version/release you are installing and provide us with cop(ies) of your SMP/E configurations for the other system(s). We will send you the toleration maintenance as well as all related service applicable to your CSIs. This will save you the time it currently takes for you to perform all the toleration research.

CSIs can be sent to manufacturing centers via internet or physical tape media.

Depending on the geography, the toleration maintenance management is usually offered as an added value to the SystemPac offering or bundled into larger contracts. For details, contact your geography for information.

Note: Toleration maintenance management is only available in selected geographies in Europe, e.g. Germany, UK, France.  In the US,toleration maintenance is available through ServiceLink if you have a SoftwareXcel contract with IBM.

If you are a SoftwareXcel customer, please click on the link below, logon to IBMLink.  Go to ServiceLink SRD application and follow the instructions to place your order.

If you are not a SoftwareXcel customer, click on the link below to view information about SoftwareXcel.  To request that IBM contact you, simply press the "Call me now" button on the SoftwareXcel information screen.