What CustomPac offerings require CSI shipment?

CSI shipment is mandatory for RefreshPac and OMISLOAD. For ProductPac CSI, shipment is optional and required when you want to order services to be delivered with your ProductPac order only.

What CustomPac offerings require IODF shipment?

IODF shipment is optional for SystemPac orders. If you do not supply your IODF, a default IODF will be delivered with your SystemPac order.

What upload option should I choose, i.e. "upload CSI/IODF from workstation" or "upload CSI/IODF from host"?

If you can start a FTP session from your host to IBM FTP server, it is recommended to use upload "CSI/IODF from host" option. "Upload CSI/IODF from workstation" option has dependencies on browsers and Java runtime versions installed on workstation.

Is the CustomPac website online tool the only way to send CSI/IODF to IBM for CustomPac orders?

No, If you cannot sent your CSI/IODF using CustomPac online tool, please contact your IBM representatives who placed your CustomPac orders to help you to send your CSI/IODF files to IBM by other means like TSO XMIT and etc.

What are the prerequisites of using OMIS PTF ordering?

In order to use OMIS PTF ordering, you must:

  • Check if your country is supported for ordering in pull own list, and if yes then
  • Enter an existing OMIS profile number stored in IBM CustomPac Production Center which the PTFs will go agonist. The profile number you can find in Installing Your Order guide in previously received CustomPac orders. If you don’t know your profile numbers then contact your IBM CustomPac representative to get that information.
  • Enter the PTF numbers which you want to order

I got non-zero return code at step FTPCSI when running the JCL generated by FTPCSI utility. Where can I find the error messages?

The FTP messages can be found in an OUTPUT DD created with a suffix of FTP.OUTPUT in the job generated by FTPCSI utility.

I did not download my CustomPac e-delivery service order within 15 days after I received the download email from CPAC Internet Services, what should I do?

In case the download links do not work, your order download content has been removed from the FTP server. Contact your IBM CustomPac representatives to rebuild your service order.

For CSI Shipment utility my company firewall blocked my workstation or z/OS host connection with the IBM FTP server. What can I do?

If your workstation is running behind your company firewall which blocks the direct connection with the IBM FTP server, please consult with your network support to allow your workstation to get through the company's firewall.