Can I get my SystemPac order on DVD media? How?

Yes, as of September 2010, DVD media can be selected as the delivery option for CustomPac product offerings, SystemPac, FunctionPac and ProductPac orders. DVD is listed as a media option along with Internet in Shopz. DVD orders are manufactured using DVD-R 4.7 GB media.

Can I get Selective Follow-On Service order on DVD media?

Yes, for SystemPac, FunctionPac or ProductPac orders on DVD media, SFS orders will be shipped on the same physical media type.

Do I need to install any additional software on my workstation to use DVD media?

No, you don’t need any additional software on your workstation. You just need a DVD Drive on your workstation to read the DVD(s).

I just received my SystemPac on DVD(s). Where should I start?

The first DVD (if you got more than one DVD) will have a README.pdf file to get you started with the install.

What do I need to specify on the ‘Receive an Order’ panel for DVD orders?

Specify 'F - File system' if you transferred the contents of the DVD(s) directly to your z/OS UNIX environment on the driving system. Specify 'S - Server' if the workstation where the DVD(s) are located can function as an FTP server for RECEIVE processing.

How much working space do I need to restore SystemPac Full Volume/Logical Volume Dump order from the DVD?

The SystemPac using GIMUNZIP to restore the Full Volume Dump order from the DVD. The amount of space required is provided in the comment of the RESTORE job. Besides the number of volumes that is required by the order, you also need to have enough space for the DFDSS dump data set, and for the temporary file system specified in the SMPWKDIR to execute the GIMUNZIP program. The space needed for restore is listed in the comment above the SMPWKDIR DDname.