SFS packages provide PTFs to fix high impact or pervasive APARs (HIPERs) and PTFs in error (PEs) released after the customer's CustomPac order or earlier SFS installation. It also includes enhanced HOLD data which can be used by SMP/E to create a service report.
SFS packages are not a standalone offering and are free with the order of any of the CustomPac family of offerings available for z/OS (RefreshPac, ProductPac, FunctionPac, SubSystemPac and SystemPac). A maximum of three SFS packages (more in Europe) can be scheduled at specified intervals. In Europe, a one-time delivery of SFS can be requested through SFS on demand which use the CustomPac Request Entry System or CRES. (Note: SFS on demand does NOT impact SFS schedules).

The purpose of installing SFS upon installation of a deliverable is to maintain the system, products, services or functions which have been installed over a period of time (30, 60 or 90 days, 180 days in Europe), as specified by the customer.

There are two options available for ordering an SFS package:

  • using the same physical media as the corresponding packaged offering
  • using the new streamlined version delivered over the Web

The streamlined electronic SFS does NOT contain the CustomPac Dialog and its associated installation documentation, and PTFs in untersed format. Now, customers can get the JCL needed for batch JCL installation with its installation guide and all PTFs in a tersed format. When using the electronic ordering system, instead of waiting for the SFS package to be delivered on physical media, an e-mail notification will be sent containing order retrieval instructions. The web retrieval process will result in the batch JCL for a load-and-go installation.