Refresh on Profile (ROP) is the new streamlined version of RefreshPac which provides preventive maintenance delivered electronically to the customer.

ROP allows the ordering of preventive maintenance based on a customer's existing SMP/E CSI profile -- this means that customers do not have to send in a copy of their CSI every time an order is placed.

If preferred, a customer can now use batch JCL for load-and-go installation and will still have the option of using the installation dialog. Also, no APPLYCHECK will be done, thus, no APPLY report will be included, resulting in much faster turn around time. To make the process even faster for the customer, instead of waiting for preventive maintenance to be delivered through physical media, an e-mail notification will be sent containing the instructions and the web link to access for order retrieval. Also, the service level of the PTFs and the content of the HOLDDATA will be exactly the same as that for RefreshPac, except that the PTFs will be tersed.


  • ROP can be requested after receiving all SFS from the original order
  • ROP does not come with automated SFS -- use "SFS on demand" to order SFS