ProductPac is a "built to order" deliverable -- product(s) ordered are built according to a copy of the customer's SMP/E CSI that are shipped through physical media or the internet.

When a ProductPac is ordered, an option to upgrade the services of all the products which reside in the customer's CSI is available, also known as a full-upgrade ProductPac.

Selected optional products of z/OS 5694-A01 can be ordered and manufactured in a ProductPac, namely, Communications Server Security Level 3 and System Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Security Level 3.

ProductPac is installed using the CustomPac Installation Dialog - the same dialog used for ServerPac installation.

Follow-On Services (SFS) come free with an order of a ProductPac. Once ordered, the customer can then select the 0-3 of SFS and the intervals of 1-180 days between them. SFS contain hipers, PTFs fixing PEs and Reach Aheads which help to stabilize products installed over a specified period of time.

In addition to magnetic tape media, ProductPac is orderable on DVD. Installation using DVD requires a workstation with a DVD drive that can read discs in DVD-5 (single-sided, single-layer) format and a network connection to your z/OS system.

ProductPac is available for Internet delivery for orders placed using ShopzSeries in countries where it is available.