Please follow next steps to upload CSI profile:

Prepare CSI for upload

Please select any one of the following methods to prepare CSI datasets on your z/OS host for download.

1. FTPCSI utility (recommended)

You can download a utility called FTPCSI from this web site and upload it to your z/OS host. Then, run the utility and it will generate a customized JCL to prepare your SMPE EXPORT datasets for download.

Note : If you have downloaded the FTPCSI utility before Apr 28, 2014, please refresh your copy of FTPCSI utility on your host to get the latest fixes.

2. SMPE EXPORT method

You can run SMPE EXPORT utility to export your CSI(s) and terse them into compressed format using TRSMAIN module.

3. REPRO method

You can run IDCAMS utility to get your CSI(s) REPRO'ed in your host environment, then have them tersed into a compressed format using TRSMAIN module.

Download CSI to Workstation from Host

Transfer the data set(s) from z/OS host to your workstation using the download method available in your environment. FTP client is used in the example shown below.

From Windows command line:

Step 1: FTP logon to the z/OS host.
c: > ftp <mvsaddress>
220-FTPSERVE IBM FTP CS V2R1 at MYHOST.MYCOPANY.COM, 10:07:50 on 2014-08-28
220 Connection will close if idle for more than 5 minutes.
User (myhost:(none)): <myid>
331 Send password please.
Password: <xxxxxxx>
230 myid is logged on.

Step 2: specify the transfer mode to be binary.
ftp> binary
200 Representation type is Image

Step 3: set the local directory to c:\temp.
ftp> lcd c:\temp
Local directory now c:\temp

Step 4: receive data set from z/OS host and store it on c:\temp.
ftp>get <ddname> <xxx.yyy> 
where <ddname> is the data set name on z/OS host and <xxx.yyy> is the file name on workstation.
200 Port request OK.
226 Transfer complete.
102938 bytes sent in 9 seconds (11.21 Kbytes/sec)

Step 5: close the ftp session.
221 Quit command received. Goodbye.

Submit CSI information

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