Delivers individual subsystems (DB2, IMS, CICS or NCP) with all selected products and services already installed

You can order one subsystem (NCP, DB2, CICS, or IMS) in your SubSystemPac order. You can choose your SMP/E environment (global, target, dlib and SMP/E data-sets) to separate the subsystem from your MVS SREL products. This separation capability allows for ease of future portability and maintenance.


Provides toleration PTFs upon request (Europe only)

IBM retrieves all necessary toleration/coexistence PTF(s) and their pre-req/co-req chain of PTFs, based on the shipped Consolidated Software Inventory of your system, and ships them to you in a package with installation JCL (available in UK, Germany and France).


Automatically sends subsequent SFS

Allows a high degree of system tailoring during installation using COPY format using CustomPac installation dialogue.

SubsystemPacs are available in copy-by-dataset (IEBCOPY) format or in DFSMSdss logical dump format. This new option allows you to restore your subsystem order's data sets to volumes you choose. You must license one of the optional features of z/OS that includes DFSMSdss to use the new option. SubsystemPac in DFSMSdss format is similar to SystemPac Full Volume Dump, and does not require the CustomPac Installation Dialog for it to be installed. Subsystem installation time reduction is expected with this option. If you prefer to use the CustomPac Installation Dialog, then you should order a Copy- by-Dataset SubsystemPac.


Delivered via the internet or DVD media

SubsystemPacs can come in two ways. You have the option to specify DVD media for your delivery or you can get your package delivered over the internet where you will get an email notification with instructions on how to download and receive your order.