Based on your existing SMP/E CSI profile

Helps you update your already installed z/OS products to the latest service level based on your existing SMP/E CSI profile previously stored at IBM. You do not have to send in a copy of your profile every time you place an order. Since your ROP is based on your SMP/E CSI profile, it will not include any extraneous service.


Already shipped installable services will not be shipped again

Maintains your SMP/E CSI-based profile with your subsequent service orders so that already shipped installable services will not be shipped again. Once submitted, your SMP/E CSI-based profile is maintained at the IBM production center and will be updated each time you place a new order for service.

Provides batch install JCL for easy installation

Provides customized installation batch JCL, with the option to use the CustomPac installation dialog, if you prefer. An ROP installation guide is also included.


Automatically sends subsequent ROP

Automatic sending of subsequent ROP help maintain your system over time. You can select up to three ROP and specify the intervals between them from 30 to 90 days.


Delivered via the internet

You will get an email notification with instructions on how to download and receive your order. If the resulting tersed PTFs are over electronic delivery limit, your order will be shipped on the alternate media you specify.


Includes enhanced HOLD data

Each ROP includes enhanced HOLD data which can be used by SMP/E to create a service report. Provides PTFs to fix high-impact or pervasive APARs (HIPERs) and PTFs to correct PTFs in error (PEs).