Built with your CSI as input


ProductPac can be built with a copy of your CSI as input. You can ship your CSI to your production center via internet. As it is built with your CSI as input, the product(s) and its related services are tailored to your environment. No research needs to be performed on your part. ProductPac includes a product currency report and a migration assistance report.


Accept check and Apply check


SMP/E accept and apply job streams for product(s) and services are apply and accept checked to ensure they are executable in your installation.


Follow on Services help to maintain the system


Option of full service upgrade


ProductPac can be ordered and built with the option of a full service upgrade. What this means is that all the fmids in the CSI which you ship to the centers will have services upgraded. This provides an option for you to service the CSIs in which the newly ordered product(s) and its services will be installed.


Selected Optional z/OS products orderable in ProductPac

Selected optional z/OS 5694-A01 products can be ordered and manufactured in a ProductPac -- such as, Communications Server Security Level 3, and System Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Security Level 3. This comes in handy when you forgot to order certain optional products during your SystemPac or ServerPac ordering. Check with your IBM techline for the availability of products.