Provides PTFs on demand

OMIS provides corrective service, toleration/coexistence service for migrating to new software or hardware and PTFs to fix high-impact or pervasive APARs (HIPERs) and to fix PTFs in error (PEs). A report and cover letter are also included.


Results can be customized or not customized

You have the option to order your OMIS based on your SMP/E CSI profile so that the shipped service is customized to your installed system and does not contain any extraneous service or you can order a non-customized OMIS.


Updates your service record

The service shipped with OMIS that are built according to your stored SMP/E CSI-based profile will be updated in your stored profile so that future SMP/E CSI-based service orders do not ship the same service.


Delivered via the internet

You will get an email notification with instructions on how to download and receive your order.


Includes enhanced HOLD data

Each OMIS includes enhanced HOLD data which can be used by SMP/E to create a service report.