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"Spotlight" zSeller Talk Show Series

Dec 5, 2018: 12:00PM Eastern Teleconference

z Systems Spotlight - Competitive Information for zSellers

"Spotlight" zSeller Talk Show Series

The IBM Competitive Project Office is pleased to offer a series of 30-minute calls just for you - sellers of IBM z hardware and/or software. Our intention is to "Spotlight"competitive information you need for selling IBM's latest z Systems technology. We'll cover new competitive research and also update you on the latest IT economics topics.

Each 30-minute session will be delivered once a month. The session consists of 20 minutes of discussion from our Subject Matter Experts followed by 10 minutes of Q & A from our audience. A replay will be available for you after the session to listen to as a podcast, and will be packaged with a PDF of the charts.

December 5, 2018 at 12:00 noon eastern

Deliver Trust & Take action to move your CA clients to IBM Z software solutions

Show your customers how to make the most of their mainframe investments with software solutions for IBM Z. The news of the recent CA acquisition by Broadcom has blanketed the marketplace with feelings of uncertainty over future development and support of CA products. Learn how you can capitalize on this time of unrest and deliver world-class solutions with IBM security, analytics, storage and management software solutions for the mainframe.

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