2016 Cyber Security Intelligence Index

Serious data breaches, major attacks and new vulnerabilities

Understand the threat landscape to improve your security posture

There’s very little that cyber criminals can do today that’s truly new—and yet, 2015 was filled with serious incidents across the entire industry.

The annual IBM® X-Force® Cyber Security Intelligence Index report offers a high-level overview and detailed look at the type and volume of attacks, which industries are most affected, and the key factors enabling attackers to help you better understand the current threat landscape. It reveals how security threats are evolving year to year, and provides well-informed insights about the impact they can have on your organization.

Based on operational data collected from thousands of devices monitored in over 100 countries, the 2016 Cyber Security Intelligence Index from IBM Security Services was created by the IBM X-Force research team, which works diligently to keep clients informed and prepared for the latest cybersecurity threats.

View our 2016 Cyber Security Intelligence infographic and download the report to learn more, and determine what you can do to improve your security posture.

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