IBM QRadar Network Security (XGS)

Next-generation network security to keep you Ahead of the Threat®

The security game has changed. Have you kept up?

While you’re reading this, attackers are trying to breach your network. Zero-day attacks and mutated threats have become the norm. You need to tilt the field in your direction.

IBM keeps you Ahead of the Threat, protecting your entire network with next–generation network security that will intelligently recognize and block unknown threats, while providing increased visibility and control over network activities.

Stops Unknown Threats

Stops Unknown Threats

Behavior-based protection is more effective than signatures at stopping zero-day attacks and mutated threats. IBM's Protocol Analysis Module is nearly twice as effective as Snort in blocking threats.

Delivers Visibility & Control

Delivers Visibility & Control

Increase your level of network visibility and control with next-generation IPS features such as on board SSL/TLS inspection, IP reputation and application control down to the user level.

Powered by IBM X-Force

Powered by IBM X-Force

The latest global threat intelligence from IBM X-Force® is automatically fed into the QRadar XGS appliance to offer comprehensive and holistic protection for your network.

Flexible Leasing Available

Flexible Licensing & High ROI

Protect both your network and your investment with Flexible Performance Licensing. Forrester Consulting shows how one client achieved a 340% ROI with QRadar XGS.

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