Secure your sensitive data: Analyze, protect and adapt

IBM® Security Guardium® is a comprehensive data protection solution that provides a full range of data security capabilities, from compliance support to dynamic data masking. The solution helps secure your sensitive data across a full range of environments–including databases, big data platforms, cloud deployments, file systems and more.

Guardium provides automated analysis to quickly uncover internal and external risks to sensitive data. The solution also easily adapts to changes in your IT environment, whether that includes adding new users, requiring more scalability or adding new technologies.

An Independent Study: The Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) of IBM® Security Guardium® examines the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying IBM Security Guardium as part of their overall enterprise data security and compliance strategy.







7.4 months




Source: "Independent Study: The Total Economic Impact of IBM Security Guardium" September 2015.

Data breaches happen – but they don't have to

IBM Security Guardium can help

Automatically discover critical data and uncover risk

For effective data protection, you need to understand what exactly needs to be protected and then thoroughly protect it. We can help you discover and classify sensitive data – and uncover compliance risks – automatically. Know who is accessing data, spot anomalies and stop data loss, all while rapidly analyzing data usage patterns to uncover and remediate risks.

Maximize protection for sensitive data, including compliance automation

Escalating threats to sensitive data and growing compliance mandates are driving organizations to rethink their data protection strategies. Shield your business from financial risk with automated data compliance capabilities, as well as with a full array of data protection functions - including masking, encryption, blocking and more.

Seamlessly adjust to changes within your IT environment

Data infrastructures are constantly changing and growing, challenging security teams to keep up with emerging and ever changing security gaps. Get support for both traditional and new technologies like Hadoop, NoSQL and cloud; easily expand from regulatory compliance to comprehensive data protection; and minimize costs.

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